At Unite we believe that even though you may be retired there is still a place for you at the core of our union.  We want our retired members to benefit from the same strength in numbers and union benefits that you have enjoyed throughout your working life.

Unite Wales is a community and being a retired member you can still make a real difference , get involved in union activites and support your fellow members. 

We have an annual retired members conference  which brings together retired members from across Wales for a day of interaction, discussion and debate but we also have localised branch meetings to ensure that you are always united with fellow members from your local areas to talk about and fight for the issues that really matter to you.

We also have a wide range of benefits that you have paid for throughout your working life so why lose them in retirement?. We can offer you legal assistance, support with your personal finances  as well as our free will/funeral benefit services.

Just because you've retired doesnt mean that you should leave your union. We value  your passion and experience  and want you to  carry on campaigning for a better deal while retaining the fantastic benefits that we have offered you throughout your working life.

It's really easy to sign up, just get in contact with your local office and they will do the rest. If you're not currently a member of unite and would like to join us then you can complete an application form which will be available at your local office or you can join online.