Here at Unite we want to  bring together people from all walks of life  to ensure that everybody in our society has a voice that can be heard. That is why we created our Unite community membership scheme, we are always there for our members and will always be there for our local communities here in Wales.

With a  membership rate of just 55p a week we are catering for the unemployed, carers, volunteers and students who want to get involved in the Trade Union movement. Our community members are always fighting for issues that matter to them, whether it be to protect local services or fight against UK Government welfare cuts  our Community members are extremely active.

Across Wales our Community Members are continuing to fight against GP  closures, bank branch closures,  loss of accessible public transport and other local issues that affect not only our members but their local communities.  Community Members also feed in to our industrial strategy by supporting our industrial campaigns where possible, we regularly see large groups of community members at demonstrations and industrial actions across the country.

If you want to make a difference in your community then this scale of Unite membership is the place for you. Joining is easy you can do so online, or contact one of our local offices. As our members regularly run stalls across the country  keep an eye out for the Unite Community logo and have a chat with our local activists who will be more than happy to help out.